Dear Sirs
if you found hard to borrow until today,
Collateral - Backed Loan may be the answer

Collateral from financial Institution pays loan principal, you pay interest only.
From $ 10.000 to $25 milion and over/5 to 20 years.
How to save up to 50% interest Bank Loans? How to get funding if you find
it hard to borrow?


What is a collateral - backed loans?
A loan with principal guaranteteed by a rated financial institution.
This arrangement makes possible:

- Loans for which Borrower pays only interest on loan.

- Principal paid by Collaterl at maturity of loan.

- Lender cannot lose principal amount of loan.

- Lender's only risk is loss of interest on loan.

Advantages to Lender of Collateral-Backed Loans

- Lender's risk of loss of principal in event of default by borrower is eliminated;
Collateral pays principal of loan at maturity.

- Lender receives Collateral at closing of Loan. Collateral, an asset held by Lender,
has the value of the amount paid to the Financial Institution. Collateral increases proportionally in value each year until the maturity date, at wich time its value
equals the principal amount of Loan.

- Lender's risk is reduced each year by both the interest payments made by
Borrower and increasing value of the Collateral A break-even point may be
reached between the fourth and fifth year at which time the Loan interest
received by Lender plus the value of the Collateral is equal to the amount
of the loan.

- Lender makes a loan for a greater amount than it would have made
without the Collateral and as a result receives double the interest

- Cost for setting-up loan is less proportionally for the larger amount
of the loan.

- We can assist you to obtain to start a new business or epand your business

We work with an innovative COLLATERAL - BACKED LOAN program
that enables you to do just that. We locate a rated Financial Institution,
such as Bank or life insurance company, to provide Collateral equal to
the principal of the Loan. You, with our help, must locate and negotiate
with Lender.

The cost of the collateral is based on the maturity date of Loan.
This cost is added to the Loan amount. At the time of closing the loan,
this OVER BORROWED amount is delivered to the financial institution
in exchange for Collateral, which repays the Loan at maturity.
This collateral program creates, in effect, a sinking fund that enables
those founds to grow to equal the principal amount of the loan at the
maturity date. The longer the Loan term, understandably, the lower the
cost of the Collateral, since the Financial Institution has more time to
invest funds received for the Collateral.

This program may enchance Client's credit. With Collateral for repayment
of Loan principal, Lender evaluates Client and Client's project only for
the ability to pay annual Loan Interest until maturity of Loan. The Loan Principal repayment is repaid by a rated financial institution with substantial assets.

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