Amazing FX Trade Robot Automatically 
Trades for you 24 hours per day!!!!!


Ocean Wings introduces the FX Trade Robot; a fully automated order execution system for the Forex market that will place your Trading system's signals, or one of our System Provider's signals directly into your dealing station and then manages your trades.

Developed by traders for traders, the Fx Trade Robot was developed to overcome the human limitations of systematic trade execution such as fear, greed, fatigue, and the psychological factors that affect traders during trading.

In addition, it has the ability to execute trades in multiple markets and on multiple strategies that would be physically impossible for even a large group of traders to accomplish.

Now traders with or without trading systems can take advantage of the benefits of trading with the FX Trade Robot.

The FX Trade Robot will help you:


Remove Emotions of Fear, Greed, and Worry


Reduce risk and improve overall system performance


Execute your system the way it was designed


Never miss a trade again


Avoid embarrassing and costly trades due to fatigue


Finally get some sleep and protect your health


Faster and more accurate trade execution


Spend more time with your family


No more waiting through non-trending markets


Trade multiple strategies and markets


Takes advantage of more trading opportunities


Save time


Trade more accurately than a team of traders


Easy to use

Choose from professionally developed trading systems or use your own.



Trade Robot offers fully automated order execution with the top currency trading brokers in the world. Now you can trade your mechanical trading system or a system from one of our System Providers 24 hours per day.



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