The term of "venture capital" can be more precisely defined as the
investment in companies or ventures with the investor participating in
the shares and profits or losses.

Venture capitalist usually liquidate the investments by selling the shares to a
third party in a private transaction or liquidate the investment in the
pubblic share market, following an initial public offering.

The venture capital industry is, thus, in the business of promoting growth
and managing risk. We serve as an intermediary between investors
looking for high returns and entrepeneurs in need of capital.
Often the investors money solely on the basis of an entrepreneur's
promising idea, a form of "collateral that conventional bankers consider
Entrepreneurs trade a percentage of the ownership of their company in
exchange for venture capital whereby the investors
always takes a minority percentage of a company venture, say 10% to 49% maximum, in exchange
for funding.


A number of features of our venture capital financing distinguishes it
from other types of capital investment:

  • The provision of long-term finance (3 to 10 years) for entrepreneurs;

  • The provision of management and technical assistance, if requested

  • An equity investment that generates long-term capital gains;

  • Consideration for providing funding are management team and market
    potential rather than collateral

  • High perceived risk to expected return


We have two different procedures to provide funds:

1) Funding with no collateral required from the client:

Funds range from
USD 1 Million to 5 Billion and will be provide by
Joint Venture Partership or Private Placements. Using this way of
funding our private investor and investment funds require a
share/profit/loss participation averaging from 10% to 49% maximum,
whereby funding up to 100% will be arranged.

Expectedreturns on investment average between 8% and 13% p.y.
and terms of investment are structured from 3 to 10 years; closing can
be arranged withiin 60 to 90 days after approval of the venture.
No further collaterla's are required.

2) Trust Funding with bank/insurance guarantees required from the chlient (Funds-First-Program):

Funds range from USD 5 Milion to 300 Billion and will be provided
by one of our international private Trust. This Trust requires a
bank/insurance guarantee issued by client's bank / insurance company of 112%, whereby only TOP 100 world banks or insurance companies will be used.

Funds will be wired first into client's custodial account and then client's
bank / insurance company has to issue the guarantee within 5 banking days
after approval of the venture. Compreehensive Trus't Protocol is avaible
upon the request.

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